In 2018, the Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Centre (PFTAC) celebrates the 25th anniversary since its inception in 1993. Twenty-five years ago, PFTAC was established as the IMF’s first technical assistance center. Today there is a global network of 16 training and technical assistance centers. Capacity development is a third of the IMF’s work. To commemorate the anniversary event, a series of events is organized to celebrate the IMF’s capacity development work.

Focusing on the Pacific, the high-level dialogue will focus on capacity development and how it can help the countries make the most of growth opportunities and attain the sustainable development goals. Raising growth in the Pacific is a challenge due to small size, remoteness and vulnerability to natural disasters.

The event will bring together 200 participants including fiscal policy experts, senior policy makers, academics, regional and international development partners, former and current IMF staff, civil society, media and youths.

The conference presentations will demonstrate how capacity development can contribute to support inclusive growth goals and productivity enhancing reforms, identify opportunities for capacity development from peer learning and modern techniques, enhance traction with Pacific Islands and collaboration with development partners, increase donor country awareness of the IMF’s work in the Pacific and connect to youth and bring an awareness of the IMF’s work through a photo competition.