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>>Pamphlet on Project to Improve Real Sector Statistics at the Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Centre

>>UNESCAP/PFTAC Publication on Improving the Links between National (and Sector) Plans and Budget for Sustainable Development in Pacific Island countries. A Practical Guidance Note (March 2018) 


PFTAC Handbooks

Handbook 1 - Medium Term Frameworks in Public Finance (Proceedings from the Pacific Islands Financial Managers MTFF Conference) - November 20016, Suhas Joshi

Handbook 2 - Handbook for Pacific Bank and Pension Fund Supervisors: Off-Site and On-Site Work - November, 2007; Andrew Milford

Handbook 3 - Selecting Cases for Audit - September 2008, Margaret Cotton

Handbook 5 - Working with Large Taxpayer: Getting Started - September 2008, Margaret Cotton

Handbook 6 - Containing the Civil Service Wage Bill in Pacific Islands - August 2008, Sitosiua T. 'Utoikamanu (Former Tongan Minister of Finance)


PFTAC Regional Papers

PFTAC Governors Paper



PFTAC Energy Prices




“Lists of finalized and pending Technical Assistance Reports resulting from a PFTAC Missions can be downloaded.  Copies of finalized reports can be requested from PFTAC by eligible parties under the following conditions: (1) an eligible party includes all five PFTAC donors and the World Bank.  Additionally, specific organizations of PFTAC member countries are eligible provided the organization (e.g. Central Bank, Finance Ministry, Statistics Office) has signed a Confidentiality Agreement; (2) the TA Report was sent to the beneficiary authorities at least 60 days earlier and the beneficiary has not advised in writing that the report cannot be shared; (3) the report is not classified Confidential; and (4) the backstopping department (e.g. the Fiscal Affairs Department) also has no objection to the report being shared.”


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