David Kloeden, PFTAC Coordinator (Since February 2017)

David joined PFTAC in February 2017. David is an Australian national, and prior to coming to PFTAC served as Coordinator of CARTAC – the IMF’s Caribbean Regional Technical Assistance Center based in Barbados.  With 20+ years as an IMF tax administration specialist, he has extensive Domestic Revenue Mobilization experience. He is a CPA, has an undergraduate degree in information technology and post graduate degrees respectively in financial management, tax law, and economics.    


Iris Claus, Macroeconomic Analysis Advisor

Iris joined PFTAC in February 2015. Iris has dual German and Canadian nationality. Before joining PFTAC she held policy and research positions at the Asian Development Bank, the New Zealand Inland Revenue, the New Zealand Treasury, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, and the Bank of Canada.  She is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Economic Surveys and Asian Economic Papers and is a Senior Fellow at the University of Waikato, New Zealand. 


Barend De La Beer, Government Finance Statistics Advisor

Barend joined PFTAC in March 2017. Barend is South African but becoming a New Zealander. Many PFTAC members will already be familiar with Barend, as he has been working with the IMF as an STX in the Japanese-sponsored project on GFS capacity building in the Pacific since 2013. Previously, Barend worked as a senior financial analyst with the Auckland Council, and, from 1997-2011, with the National Treasury of South Africa.


Stan Shrosbree, Revenue Administration Advisor

Stan joined PFTAC in June 2014. Stan is South African and started his career in the South African Revenue Services before joining the IRD in New Zealand. He later served as Advisor to the Directorate General Taxation in Indonesia. Since joining the IMF in 2006, he has been involved in tax reform initiatives in South Eastern Europe. 


Ben Stefanou, Financial Sector Supervision Advisor

Ben joined PFTAC in July 2016, and is an Australian national. Ben has extensive experience both as a bank supervisor with APRA, the Australian bank regulator, and working in the commercial banking sector. More recently, he has worked with the IMF as a TA advisor in the Caribbean.


Richard Neves, Public Financial Management Advisor

Richard joined PFTAC in October 2016. Richard is an Australian who has worked in the budget areas of th Australian Department of Finance and the ACT Treasury.  Richard has also worked in Timor Leste for five years as the lead budge advisor and was the Cook Islands Financial Secretary from 2011 to 2015.


Rusila Bituwaqa, Team Assistant

Rusila is PFTAC's receptionist and is also responsible for PFTAC travel arrangements and assists with accounting, security and conference logistics. She has a Diploma in Business Accounting from FIT.


Elenoa Bogiwalu, Senior Administrative Assistant (Information/Operations)

Elenoa is responsible for the general administration of the Centre, including mission documentation, IT systems, external communications and publications. She worked previously at the RBF and the ILO.


Josaia Nakete, Logistics Assistant

Josaia Nakete joined PFTAC in December 2015, and supports the administration of travel and payment processing, mission documentation and manages PFTAC security arrangements. Previously he spent nine years with the Government of Fiji, including seven years with Fijian Elections Office, and more recently with the Ministry of Finance.


Maria Nina Samuela, Senior Administrative Assistant (Accounting/Operations)

Nina is responsible for accounting and payments and coordinating travel and seminar arrangements. She has been working for the Centre since 1993. Prior to this, she worked in the travel industry and with USAID.